LEGAL CLUES is a dynamic Law Firm propelled by a visionary outlook of efficiency, profitability and result-oriented legal service deliivery based on current modern techniques and global outlook. We pride ourselves in maximizing individual potential through specialisation and pursuit of professional excellence with no room for mediocrity.



Legal Clues is a multifacteted Law Firm with a bias to the commercial aspects of the Law. Our heartbeat is the protection of commercial investment in Nigeria. The vision behind the founding of the Firm was the creation of an IT driven practice with a global outlook that epitomise efficiency, profitabiliity and harnessing of individual potentials through specialisation, while delivering an unmatched level of legal service.



At Legal Clues, we provide services that add value to the client. We are forthright with clients on each transaction, and our confidentiality rule is strict. Our clients entrust us with important business decisions and we do the expected-provide solid legal advice that crystallises into effective results. We endeavour to know the law as it affects our clients and the wiser world, but above all we understand commerce and the intrinsic nature and details of each client's peculiar transactions.



With the experience of the Attorneys and Consultants ranging upwards to twenty five years at the Bar, we have a crop of dynamic professionals geared to accord our clients the most competent legal cover possible. Legal Clues draws on the learning curves and perspectives of not only her in house counsel but also from her several professional friends and associates who have gone on to distinguish themselves in the corporate, academic, financial and political fields. We have a rich background that give us cause to be proud. To keep pace with the continuous dynamic legal/commercial terrain upon which we ply our trade, Legal Clues has been structured and positioned to cope with fast-paced challenges, willing and ready for result oriented hard work. We give our clients the best, because they deserve nothing less.

Our clients include Governments, consultants banks, marine operators and other financiers, regulators, insurers, construction concerns, oil & gas, academic institutions, publishers, catering concerns, industrial service providers, and non-profit making organisations. This affords us the widest possible perspective and has properly equipped us to advise all our clients.

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