Legal Clues is located at Ogbunabali Road, generally referred to as the computer district of Port Harcourt municipality, Legal Clues is available on location for all wishing to enter the Port Harcourt business mainstream and this is the key factor to seeing the client through from reconnaissance, to start up and completiion. We partner and stand with the client right from start-up and our relevance and expertise becomes glaringly clear as the client deals with technical partners, regulatory bodies, subcontractors or host communities. We are quick to show the route because of our experience and on-site knowledge.

For ease of contract with the European Community for some of our retained and prospective clients Legal Clues has opened a London office currently being manned by its Consultant Attorney.

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We are motivated professionals, who work as a team. Teamwork is the key element in our approach, but high premium is placed on individual strengths. The philosophy is to utilize our human resources maximally; each person doing what he is best at can only get better.

At Legal Clues, we distinguish between the delicately engineered details of commercial transactions and the exciting and pulsating rhythm of contentious litigation. For this reason Legal Clues comprises two departments:

1. The Department of Corporate/Commercial & Investment Law; and

2. The Department of Litigation.

These departments operate and function in harmony with the sole purpose of enhancing client service delivery.

We also ensure that our clients are kept "in the know", at all times, in any matter we are instructed on. Our duty to our clients is clear, detect and head-off any adverse action detrimental to their interests as promptly as possible.


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